10 Boba Accessories For The Milk Tea Lover

Let’s be honest. A blog with the name, Milk Tea Theory, wouldn’t be complete without this! This post has a list of 10 cute boba accessories for the milk tea lover. If you’re not exactly a milk tea lover, these boba accessories are perfect gifts for those who are! Here, you’ll find boba tea merch that’s both subtle and loud, because love comes in many forms, y’know?

Boba is life.

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Here are 10 boba accessories for your milk tea lover’s soul:

1. This boba lamp to bring light to your life

If boba is literally the light of your life, then this is the lamp for you. Nothing like a cup of bubble tea to set the mood.

Find this here for $16.

2. This bubble tea rug/bath mat

This is the CUTEST thing ever. No bubble tea lover’s room will be complete without it. Imagine waking up every morning to your favorite drink smiling up at you. Cute AND soft!

At the time of writing, this mat’s been sold out, but Smoko’s got a ton more Asian food-themed goodies that you can check out! You can keep an eye out for their boba releases!

3. These bubble tea slippers

Strut your boba catwalk in style, with these cute slippers! They’re super plush and cozy!

Find this here for $22.

4. This boba tea AirPod case

If you’re trying to listen to music in style, this is the case for you. At just $16, you’ll be boba-fying your look!

Find this here for $16.

5. This squishy boba tea plushie

What better way to profess your love of boba tea than one of these giant, plush boba accessories? If I can’t drink bubble tea 24/7, then at least I can squish it to exercise as I wait for my next cup.

Find this here for $29.

6. This little light-up boba keychain

This is a little boba keychain that LIGHTS UP! Perfect for keys or backpacks, and it doesn’t break the wallet. You can get this for the price of two bobas, except this one will last you so much longer(:

Bubble tea, you are the light of my life. Literally.

Find this here for $9.

7. This boba tea pop-socket that’ll follow you everywhere

Need a little hand support as you look up the nearest boba shop? This boba tea merch got you.

Find this here for $9.

8. This boba tea toasty to keep you warm

Who needs a man when you’ve got this boba tea toasty to keep you warm all night?

This toasty comes with a removable flaxseed-filled pouch that you can microwave! Heat for 60 sec, let sit for 30 sec, and you’ve got a warm companion for those sad boi hours.

Find this here for $29.

9. This reusable boba tea tumbler

Not gonna lie–a plastic cup per drink is a pretty big waste. If you’re trying to transition to a low-waste lifestyle, this reusable tumbler is the perfect place to start. You’re still getting boba in style, but now you’re eco-friendly too!

Find this here for $17.

10. Up your game with this boba kit

Perfect for all you introverts who love boba, but want it without leaving the comfort of your own homes. I relate. This is the kit that’ll let you make and drink your own boba milk tea in style. Also a great gift for the boba lover!

This kit makes 4-6 servings of boba! (:

Find this here for $35.

I hope you’ve found a few boba accessories that’ll change your life here. I’ll say it again. Boba is life. I should really drink less of it. Maybe hugging a plush will help with those cravings.

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