10 Insanely Cute Pet Halloween Costumes For Dogs and Cats

Few things are better than cute dogs and cats in Halloween costumes! If you’re looking for last minute Halloween costumes for your pet, this post is perfect for you. I have both a cat and a dog, so I get to shop for both when Halloween rolls around! Here are 10 insanely cute pet Halloween costumes for both dogs and cats!

Halloween Costumes For Cats and Dogs
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10 Insanely Cute Pet Halloween Costumes For Dogs And Cats

Dog Halloween Costumes

1. Cowboy Costume

Give your pup his own rodeo experience with this super cute dog costume! It’s super simple and pretty comfortable, so most dogs don’t fight this costume. Great for parties or walks to show off your rodeo-loving doggo!

Find this here.

2. Puppucino Costume

You are what you eat, right? Take your pup to a whole new level with this super cute puppucino costume! You doggo will look so sweet and cuddly in this!

Find it here.

3. Simple Toy Dog Costume

Simplicity is sometimes best. If you’re not trying to go for a full-blown costume, this tag could be perfect for your pup. Even so, it’s super cute!

Find this here.

4. Lion Mane Dog Costume

This costume is perfect if you’ve got a golden retriever or lab (or a yellow-furred dog!). It’s also a simple costume that’s simple to put on, and it’s comfortable for your pup.

Find it here.

5. Popular Panda Costume

You may have seen this costume on the Internet a while back, because it went viral. This panda costume is super cute, and now you can get one for your own pup!

Get this here.

Cat Halloween Costumes

1. Cowboy Costume

Let your cat be the star of the rodeo with this cute costume. It might take some convincing for them to keep the costume on, but that’s what yummy treats are for!

Find this here.

2. Lion Mane Costume

We all know that cats are distantly related to the lions that rule the safaris. You can let your kitty get a taste of the lives of their big cat ancestors with this costume!

Find it here.

3. Pizza Cat Costume

Why not turn your two loves into one? This pizza cat costume brings those cheesy slices to life, so you can get one strolling through your home!

Get this here.

4. Bat Cat Costume

If you have a black cat, this costume is PERFECT. It’s about as Halloween as you can get, and it’s a simple costume that’ll work pretty well if your cat is already harness trained. If not, I recommend letting your cat get used to it a few days before Halloween. You can even leave this on for a cute little bat to hop around your house!

Get this here.

5. Doctor Cat Costume

I don’t know about your cat, but my cat spends a lot of time staring at everyone with a very serious look on his face. This costume, along with his serious expression, would be absolutely hilarious on him!

Get this here.

I hope you found some inspiration from this simple list of cute Halloween costumes for your pets! These are perfect as last-minute costumes, especially if you have an Amazon Prime membership (so you can take advantage of that free 2-day shipping!).

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