10 Insanely Useful Dorm Room Essentials From Amazon

Dorm room essentials can rack up quite a price, but thankfully, there are affordable finds that you can add to your space. These 10 affordable dorm room essentials from Amazon will make your dorm room so much cozier without breaking the bank. The great thing is that they’re all super accessible–because you can have Amazon ship them straight to you!

Before you dive in, I want to remind you that dorm living essentials are different for everyone. It’s alright to start school without EVERYTHING just yet! You’ll figure out for yourself exactly what you consider to be a dorm room essential. Even so, it’s always a good idea to make sure you’ve got what you need–which you’re doing by reading this article! 🙂

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10 Useful Dorm Room Essentials From Amazon - Milk Tea Theory

10 Affordable Dorm Room Essentials From Amazon:

1. This hanging closet organizer:

Your dorm room’s closet is going to be TINY. That’s why this hanging shelf organizer is going to come in handy. I used one all four years, and I was able to have all my tops (tanks, shirts, sweaters, etc.) all in here! This is super affordable and you won’t have to buy as many hangers (not like there’ll be that much hanger space, either!).

Find this on Amazon here.

2. This waterproof, portable speaker:

I didn’t have any big fancy speakers, but I had a small speaker like this one that I could clip onto my backpack and take everywhere. It came in SUPER handy for shower music, beach music, etc. I brought this with me when I studied abroad, too! It’s small and portable, and you get some great sound! This one is a dorm room essential that you can take with you anywhere!

Find this on Amazon here.

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3. The trusty Brita:

This is something that you can easily share with your roommate! I had one because honestly, school tap water can be pretty gross. The pipes at my school were really old (my university is over 100 years old), and I had black sediments in my water! Luckily, my Brita filter helped keep that stuff out!

Find this on Amazon here.

4. A comforting white noise machine:

Dorms are loud. There’s always someone partying or laughing or singing when you’re trying to study or sleep. If you’re a light sleeper, or someone who needs a quiet study environment, a white noise machine is the dorm room essential for you! Sometimes, heading the library is rough when the weather isn’t great or if it’s getting late–this white noise machine could help you study in your own room by blocking out the clutter of dorm noise!

Find this on Amazon here.

5. An ultra-plush throw blanket for naps and late-night studying:

I cannot even begin to count the number of times I used my throw blanket for studying, naps, and Netflix! They’re super easy to take around and throw in the laundry when they get dirty. It’s always nice to have some soft to drape around your shoulders when it’s cold out and you’re trying to study for finals!

Find this on Amazon here.

6. A simple humidifier:

A humidifier does WONDERS to your room. The heating/AC in dorms is not kind to your skin, and a humidifier will help combat the crazy dryness. This one is small and portable, so you can easily stuff it in a suitcase as your fly to and from school (if you’re going to school out-of-state, like I was!). My sister has a humidifier that she keeps in her dorm room, and she loves it!

Find this on Amazon here.

7. This super cute travel iron:

I have this exact iron and it’s been going strong after four years! The thing I never expected in college was how wrinkly your clothes get, and how much they suddenly bother you (adulting with cool dorm room stuff, am I right?). This small iron will do everything you need. I didn’t have an ironing board, and just used my bed! It came in super handy for interviews, networking dinners, and whenever I wanted to get some annoying wrinkles out of my clothes! It’s so small and easy to fit in your carry-on baggage, too!

Find this on Amazon here.

8. This crazy affordable shoe rack:

I also had this EXACT one for four years, before I sadly parted with it (and gave it to my friend) when I graduated. It’s small and simple, but it really helped me keep my shoes in order. This rack fit into my TINY dorm closet, and I was able to keep my shoes (running shoes, business pumps, heels, sandals, etc.) from taking up much-needed floor space! When it comes to dorm organization hacks, a small, but useful shoe rack is definitely on the list for me!

Find this on Amazon here.

9. These foldable storage cubes:

This sounds dumb, but these storage cubes were one of my favorite things. I had a cube for everything. You can store extra towels, blankets, and clothes in there! I even had one dedicated to menstrual products (pads, tampons, etc.) before I eventually switched to a menstrual cup. (If you’d like to learn about my experience with my menstrual cup, read about it here!)

Find these on Amazon here.

10. A handy-dandy power outlet strip:

The number of outlets in your dorm room will be always be NOT ENOUGH. This is why you should at least have a few of these outlet strips in your room! It’s going to give you so many options as to how you want to layout your room (you won’t have to put your bed against one wall just because that’s the only one with an outlet!). SUPER useful. I had a ton and they made my life so much easier!

Find this on Amazon here.

Bonus: A hot water kettle for late-night tea/ramen/everything in between

Couldn’t bear to leave this out, because once I got my hands on one during my junior year, my life became so much easier! My friends and I got to make tea, ramen, and coffee (with my friend’s birthday-gift-Chemex and my Aeropress!).

Bonus for coffee lovers: A cold brew maker to save you all those trips to the servery

I spent a crazy amount of money at Starbucks and Coffee House (campus coffee shop), until I got myself an Aeropress (pricey, but worth it! It also makes cold brew). If you don’t want to go through the hassle of hot water and everything, I highly recommend a cold brew coffee maker. This one is affordable and has great reviews–you’ll be making your money back by your 5th cup of coffee! It’s so sad how overpriced this delicious drink can be, but you’ll be saving SO much money in the long run by making your own (I no longer buy coffee from shops!).

I hope you’ve found this list of affordable college dorm room essentials that you can purchase from Amazon to be helpful! I wouldn’t worry too much about starting college with ALL of your dorm living essentials right away–as you get used to the rhythm of being a college student, you’ll eventually figure out what you need in your dorm room. Good luck!

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