10 Magical Fairy Lights For Your Dorm Room

We all know the magic of classic fairy lights, but when it comes to creating the perfect atmosphere in your dorm room, there are SO many options for string lights out there! This post is about 10 magical fairy lights for your dorm room. You can mix and match these different fairy lights based on your dorm room decor to get the ~vibe~ you’re going for!

You may have noticed that the classic fairy lights look a little ugly during the daytime. You no longer need to worry about that, though. These 10 magical fairy lights will help keep your dorm room looking cute in both day and night!

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10 Fairy Lights For Your Dorm Room - Milk Tea Theory
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10 Fairy Lights For Your Dorm Room:

1. These geometric jewels:

Add a unique touch to your dorm room with these geometric gem-shaped fairy lights! They’ll look super cute hanging from your lofted bed or on your walls (with command hooks!). In the dark, the geometric shapes will leave pretty little shapes on your walls(:

Find these here:

2. These starry fairy lights:

These are actual star-shaped lights! They’re as dainty and cute as regular string lights, but with a bit more shape to them. Still, they’re bright and beautiful! If you’re going for a whimsical or celestial theme, these are perfect just for that!

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3. The classic fairy lights with photo clips:

A great way to spice up your classic fairy lights is to clip your favorite photos onto them! It brings the space to life, and when the lights are off, you’re left with this cute wall decor.

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4. These industrial globe string lights:

If you’re going for a more industrial look in your bedroom, these globe string lights will add that modern touch. I love the black wiring on these–it really brings the look together without being overly dramatic!

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5. Or these wire-framed vintage lights:

For the ultimate vintage or industrial look, these wire-framed lights will go a long way. They’re a stable in any vintage-inspired coffee shop or bar, so you know they’ll definitely transform your dorm room decor! For these heavy-duty looking lights, you’ll probably need some stronger command hooks (sadly, these aren’t clear, but you won’t be able to see them once it gets dark and you switch on these lights!).

Find these here:

6. These delicate golden gems:

If you’re trying to go for a more whimsical and delicate room design, these gold fairy lights add a beautiful touch to your room–whether it’s light or dark!

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7. These dainty flower fairy lights:

Sakura blossom string lights are both delicate and dainty, and they’ll add a nice feminine touch to your dorm room decor! It’s whimsical and magical! They’re a nice, unique spin on the classic fairy lights that’s sure to get a few compliments from visitors(:

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8. These Moroccan-inspired lights:

I had a set of these for my dorm room (all 4 years!) and I loved these. They’re darker than my fairy lights were, which was nice for movies and relaxing. I’ve handed them off to my little sister and she uses them in her dorm room, too! They leave beautiful patterns on the walls that I absolutely loved.

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9. This touch of color:

A few of my friends lined the edges of their ceilings with these LED strips and the effect was amazing! Colored lights are a great way to brighten up your room in an interesting way, and they’re much nicer to look at than the typical white light! If you plan on hosting parties, these are a fantastic option!

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10. These paper lanterns:

Paper lantern string lights are a great way to soften up the lights in your room. They’re not harsh to look at, and they create a super nice atmosphere in a darkened dorm room!

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I hope you’ve found this post on 10 different string lights to use in your dorm room helpful to read! There are so many alternatives to the classic fairy lights out there that can make your room stand out as your own unique space!

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