10 Minimalist Home Office Ideas To Inspire Your Inner Girl Boss

When you’re working from home, having a comfortable home office space will make a huge difference to your mindset. I don’t know about you, but when I enjoy being in my office space, I’m so much more productive! I prefer a simple, minimalist office desk because I find that my mind is calmer and less cluttered. This post is about 10 minimalist home office ideas that will inspire your inner girl boss.

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Here are 10 minimalist home office ideas that will inspire your inner girl boss:

1. This Scandinavian corner

10 Minimalist Home Offices
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I am a huge advocate for adding plants to your space, whether it’s your bedroom or office desk. Studies have shown that plants can reduce stress! They’re a great way to brighten up and add some livelihood to your minimalist home office space.

Get this look:

2. This modern haven

This white office, offset with a few hints of black and green (plants!), is an amazing way to simplify your work space without making it boring. The hanging pothos plant is a super cute detail!

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3. This artful use of pottery

I love this look for so many reasons–the dreamy whites and earthy hints, the gold moon phase hanging, the industrial-looking lamp, and the line art! It’s simple, but it’s also got so many natural and feminine touches.

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4. This semi-industrial work space

A simple stool is a great way to keep your office space simple and out-of-the-way. It’s easy to tuck under your table when you’re done working. This metal one here is both neutral-toned and industrial. However, I wouldn’t recommend a stool if you’ll be working long hours or if you have back problems!

Other than that, a vintage map and retro speaker is a great way to add some color and ~culture~ to a minimalist home office!

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5. This elegant work of industrial art

While white can create a dreamy effect, blacks and browns are an amazing way to ground a room. This home office has a great combination of these neutral colors to create a strong environment perfect for inspiring productivity.

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6. This creative use of black

Like I mentioned earlier, black is a great addition to your office space if you’re going for a grounded, industrial look. It’s eye-catching, without being too loud or obnoxious. The metal chair offers back support (!) while giving you that stripped, factory aesthetic. If you want a stable, yet minimalist home office, this is the color palette that’ll work for you.

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7. Or this classic spread of white

I love this design for its simplicity. If you’ve got clean walls and a corner with a window, you can easily make this look your own! It really doesn’t require much to copy this home office.

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8. This mid-century modern design

The ultra-sleek lines of mid-century modern furniture is always a great way to achieve a minimalist home office. Mid-century modern design is focused on clean, fast line work that is sure to offer you the perfect space to be creative and productive. Brighten up the space with a few plants and voila! The perfect home office!

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9. This natural, earth-toned space

This home office achieves it’s minimalistic looks from it’s white and beige tones. The wood is left unfinished, but it’s a perfect way to add a natural touch to your work space. This will work especially well if you’ve got a well-lit corner in your home.

Get this look:

10. This simple bedroom desk space

I know it’s usually recommended that we keep our work spaces separate from our sleeping areas, but our living situations don’t always allow for that (hello, one-bedroom apartment).

However, a gorgeous office desk like this will definitely not detract from the comfort of your bedroom! By adding a rug, you can section off the office from the rest of your room. A simple, wire-framed chair is a great way to add furniture without overcrowding.

Get this look:

I hope you’ve found this post inspiring for your home office! There are many ways to create a space that is your very own. Good luck!

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