14 Dorm Room Layout Ideas to Inspire You for 2020

There are SO many ways to organize your dorm room layout. This post is about 14 dorm room layout ideas that will inspire you for 2020.

Dorm rooms aren’t known to be spacious, but take a look at what some amazing girls have done with their spaces. You’ll find rooms both cozy and open, comfy and eccentric!

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14 Dorm Room Layout Ideas
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14 Dorm Room Layout Ideas To Inspire You

1. This Netflix-ing Corner

copy this look here:

With this layout, you and your roommate will never have to struggle over laptop and TV angles. Here, you’ll be able to lay back in your own beds and enjoy a show together!

Surprisingly, this simple TV stand won’t break the bank!

2. The Classic

You can never go wrong with this. It’s your classic mirror-style dorm room, with a “your side” and “my side” thing going on. And everything you share goes right in the middle for ease-of-use!

My Advice: Don’t split the cost of furniture/appliances, because if you two end up getting singles as upperclassmen, it’ll be hard to figure out who gets to keep what!

3. This Lofted Lounge

copy this look:

I am LOVING this one. With flower vines, sheer curtains and fairy lights, you’ve got yourself a cozy (and romantic!) nook. The space is perfect for reading, hanging with friends, or even doing homework. It’s a great “home away from home.”

4. Lofted With Curtains

copy this look:

This idea is great for you to get some privacy. It’s also a good idea if you’re staying up later than your roommate, and you need some lights on to study.

A cheaper option is to use shower curtains with an extendable rod, so you can fit it on your lofted bed. If you change your mind, you’ll also be able to add the curtains to any part of your room!

5. This Cute Loft With A Couch

Adding a couch to your room is an amazing way to create space for socializing with your friends. If you have anyone from home visiting you, they’ll be able to crash on your couch. You can also add a TV to create a little movie theater right in your own room!

6. This Great Use of Space

By lofting both beds, you’ll be able to have twice as much floor space. You can use this space to make a living room, a movie theater, or even a reading nook. This dorm room layout opens up the floor for anything you want.

It’s also a great to make your dorm room more than just a desk and a bed.

7. Much-Needed Storage Space

get this look (storage options):

In a dorm room, you’ll often find that you always want more space that you have. A great way to increase space is to push all your drawers under your bed! You’ll still be able to access everything you need, but they won’t be taking up unnecessary space. You can also throw your laundry hamper down there, so visitors won’t be catching sight of your dirty clothes.

8. This Seated Living Room

An easy way to create more seating space is to use the floor. Door floors are gross, but you can cover it up with a fluffy carpet, a low couch, and lots of blankets and cushions!

copy this look:

9. This Mini Coffee Bar

There’s nothing quite as nice as coffee in the morning. With this coffee bar, you’ll be saving yourself the trouble of running all the way down to the servery or cafeteria.

copy this look:

10. This Cozy Hammock

copy this look:

This unique and cozy look is bound to get you compliments on your dorm! It’s an amazing way to lay back and relax after a long day of classes. A great compliment for any boho-themed dorms, too!

11. This Lovely Study Corner

Add some fairy lights, a bulletin board, and a comfy chair–you’ve got yourself a productive study corner! This is pretty easy to do, and you’re also able to open up the rest of your floor space for everything else.

copy this look:

12. This Cute Corner Layout

This look’s got everything–study spaces, comfy couch, corner coffee station, and storage space. All in one room. Can you believe it’s only a small dorm room?

13. The Classic Bunked Beds

This room’s got both beds bunked together, and look at how much space there is now! You can use the opened space to add in a rug, or couch, or anything you’d like.

14. This Makeup Vanity

Who says you can’t be fancy with your dorm room? This look’s got an amazing makeup vanity, so you can really up your self-care routines. It uses storage cubes as a tabletop, and a super cute mirror with lights! Need privacy? Slide those curtains down!

copy this look:

I hope you’ve found this dorm room layout ideas to be inspiring! The amazing thing about this is that you can always change it up whenever you want. Good luck!

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