16 Boho Dorm Ideas That You’ll Love for 2020

This post is about 16 boho dorm ideas that you’ll love for 2020.

Introducing the first installation in my Dorm Room Themes series! This one features 16 boho dorm ideas. You’ll also find just the things you can get to copy them.

Bohemian-inspired rooms are some of my favorites. They bring in that connection to nature, and I find it’s easier to relax after a long day. College is tiring, so it’s important that you have a space of your own.

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Here are 16 Boho Dorm Ideas:

1. Fairy Lights & Polaroids

Fairy lights do wonders to light up your room. Fill it with photos and polaroids of your loved ones! With them, you’ve already taken a big step to making that empty dorm room into your own space.

copy this look here:

2. Sheer Curtains & Lights

Add some sheer curtains to your fairy lights and you’ll get the most whimsical bedroom ever. If you’ve already got fairy lights, then it’s super easy to just pick up some sheer curtains and combine them for this look.

It’s a great way to get your boho bedroom looking cute, even at night!

copy this look:

3. Neutral Blanket/Bedding (No Patterns)

copy this look:

A neutral-toned, no-pattern blanket is a great way to clean the feel of your room. It’s not too loud of a color, and it goes well with everything! They’re also nice to have when you want a blanket to take with you to study with your friends!

This woven blanket adds great texture to your room, but it’s definitely not a must. A simple throw is cheaper, but still cute and comfy!

4. Leaf Print Tapestry

copy this look:

No boho room is complete without a touch of green! A tapestry on your walls is a wonderful way to brighten up a room. Green also brings the feeling of nature into your dorm!

5. Woven Details

copy this look:

Woven pillow covers are a great way to add texture to your room. They give off that natural, boho vibe. Even if you keep your colors simple, woven details are great for adding some eye-catching design.

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6. Macrame Wall Art

copy this look:

You can probably see where I’m going here. Macrame is a stable in any boho or natural room decor.

You can get smaller pieces, or larger ones, depending on what you like.

7. Floral Wall Decor

Hanging fake flowers (or real, whichever floats your boat!) is a super cute method to fill up a blank wall without creating clutter. It adds amazing texture and color to your room. A huge plus is that it works with any boho theme you’ve got going on! Add a string of fairy lights and it’s perfect.

copy this look:

8. Hanging Vines

copy this look:

Looking for more greenery than simple flowers? No problem. Hanging vines are an amazing way to get a simple dorm room looking natural and boho.

My friend had these vines in her room, and she used them for SO many different things. We had a Greece-themed party once, and we even used her vines as hair accessories!

They look AMAZING with fairy lights, too!

9. Elephant Print Tapestry

copy this look:

If you’re an animal lover and you prefer to have a different type of tapestry, here’s a great idea for you! The dark colors of this tapestry are a wonderful way to ground your dorm room, without overdoing it.

10. Felt Letter Board

copy this look:

This isn’t always an essential to a boho room, but a felt letter board is a great way to add some personality to your room. The great thing about this is that you can change it up whenever and however you like!

11. Plants!

get this look:

Plants are a wonderful way to add some natural color to your room. You can either opt for real or fake ones, depending on your preference. The great thing about fake plants is that you never have to water them!

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12. Moon Phase Wall Hanging

Super easy DIY:

Just cut up some construction paper in the shape of the moon phases, tape them to a string, and voilá! Lightweight and easy to hang on walls.

If you want something fancier:

13. A Boho Rug

copy this look, in both round and rectangle:

Rugs go a long way when it comes to room decor, and they’re often forgotten about. Dorm floors can be disgusting. It’s always nice to have a little patch of clean rug to yourself.

I had one of these in my own dorm room in college, and it was honestly the greatest part of my room (aside from my walls, of course)!

A nice, woven rug is a great way to tie a room together.

14. Wooden Laptop Table

copy this look:

I didn’t know these existed when I was in college! My sister has one, and she uses it EVERY DAY. I wish I had one, too! This would have saved me so much neck pain during all those nights watching Netflix in bed, haha!

It’s almost more of an essential than a bit of room decor, but I couldn’t help adding it in because of the wood material. It’s functional, AND cute!

15. Abstract Line Art

get this look:

Honestly, this is one of my favorite art trends right now. It’s gorgeous and minimalistic, and you can get it to match any decor you currently already have!

You can find abstract line art for almost anything, but there’s a huge focus on femininity. I just absolutely love that. Another great thing about this is that this minimalistic art decor will last you well throughout college and beyond. You can even bring it to your future apartment!

16. Vintage Wall Prints

get this look:

Something I just love about bohemian-inspired rooms is the connection to nature. You don’t necessarily have to have nature IN your room, but there are a lot of ties to it!

Another part of boho dorm rooms that I love is the controlled clutter. Just look at this gorgeous pic here! It’s not overwhelming, but it’s also not empty to a point where it looks un-lived in. It’s cozy, and comfortable!

I hope these boho dorm ideas were helpful for you, and that you’ll be able to put together the cutest room yet!

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