19 Dorm Wall Decor Ideas For Your Room In 2020

When it comes to dorm decor, covering all those plain walls can seem challenging. There’s just so much white space to fill! This post contains 19 dorm wall decor ideas that you can use for your dorm room.

Dorm wall decor plays a huge role in making your dorm room feel like home. It’s also one of the only parts of the room that you can truly customize to make it your own space.

There are just so many things you can do–photo galleries, fairy lights, neon lights, records, and more!

Hopefully, you’ll find some inspiration in this post to help with your dorm wall decor!

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Here are 19 dorm wall decor ideas for your room:

1. This Traveler’s Cove:

copy this look:

Maps are an amazing addition for any dorm room! They add that extra bit of wanderlust for any traveler. Complete with photos of your adventures and souvenirs!

2. Simple Hanging Ivy:

This is a unique take on the usual vine and fairy lights look. By dangling them over your bed and using the corners of your room, you’ll end up with a great 3D effect! It adds interesting dimension to your room.

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3. This Celestial Polaroid Gallery

Make your photo gallery more interesting by adding larger bits of decor. The moon decor here adds a cute celestial theme to the gallery and makes it more interesting to look at!

get this look:

4. This Grid Photo Panel:

This is a great take on your usual photo gallery. You can add all kinds of things to it, and it’s easy to remove when you’re moving out at the end of the year!

It’s versatile, and you can enjoy the ease of clipping photos on instead of taping them up. For the look in the image above, line the squares with fairy lights!

copy this look:

5. This Cute Flower Wall:

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6. This Simple Cactus Themed Wall:

This room is very “less is more.” With its simplistic theme, you’ll be able to experience the mindful benefits of minimalist. Hints of green interspersed throughout the room help tie it all together.

copy this look:

7. This Music-Lover’s Corner:

This is a simple way to customize your room and truly make it yours. There’s nothing quite as personal, yet conversation-starting as music taste.

Put up anything you have from your favorite bands!

8. This Color-Themed Photo Gallery:

A great way to have a cohesive-looking room is the use a color theme. The room above has the cutest peach tones, and it really adds to the hip, boho vibe of the bed set.

Many of the photos have a similar color throughout the gallery. It’s a subtle way to add an artful tweak to your dorm wall.

9. This Gorgeous Vintage Map:

copy this look:

10. Or This Pinnable Map:

Personalize your map with a pinnable version! You can easily add photos and pins to the places you’ve been, and even mark down the places you want to go in the future.

A cheaper option is to get a scratchable map, so you can change the colors of the countries you’ve already visited!

copy this look:

11. This Felt Letter Board:

I always feel that a room isn’t complete without a felt letter board. It’s an awesome way to add a personalized touch to your room, and you can always change up what it says, depending on your mood.

copy this look:

12. These Minimalistic Framed Flowers:

This is a super cute way to bring a little home with you to college. You can DIY this by pressing flowers in books (yes, it works!) and gluing them to a background. Add a frame and voilá!

get this look:

13. This Super Cute Bulletin Board:

This is a great option if you’re not allow to pin anything on your dorm walls. Hang the bulletin board with command strips, and you can pin up anything you want! It’s also easy to switch out your posters and photos.

get this look:

14. These Geometric Shelves

Up your dorm game with some geometric shelves. They’re a great way to create a sophisticated, yet down-to-earth vibe.

get this look:

15. Neon Lights

copy this look:

16. This Macrame:

For a natural, bohemian look, macrame is the way to go. They’re a great addition to any room, and add lots of texture without being overly colorful.

copy this look:

17. These Loud and Proud Graphics:

Graphic posters with saturated colors are a great way to make a statement. You can add them to any collage for some spice, or have them on their own, too! The amazing thing about graphic designs is that they work well both on their own AND with other decor!

Ideas include favorite bands, movies, quotes–anything that makes you who you are!

18. These Hanging Photos:

Instead of hanging your photos flat against a wall, attach them to a string and take advantage of your room’s corners! It creates a 3D effect, and really brings your room to life. Now, you’ve definitely got that artful clutter.

19. This Amazing Branch Hanging:

This is a unique DIY project you can make for your dorm. All you have to do is tie fake or dried flowers to a branch, attach a string on both ends, and hang it on a command hook!

I recommend using silk flowers over dried ones, because dried flowers tend to flake. This might irritate your skin, especially if you’re hanging it over your bed!

I hope you’ve found this list of dorm wall decor ideas helpful! Good luck!

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