23 Stunning Dorm Room Ideas You Have To See

There are just so many options when it comes to choosing a theme and style for your dorm room decor. It’s hard to choose! Having a dorm room color scheme is a great way to create a cohesive, comfy room that’s easy on the eyes. This post is about a list of 23 dorm room ideas that can help you as you gather dorm room decor inspo!

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These dorm rooms don’t follow a specific theme of any sort together, but that’s what makes them wonderful! If you’re not sure how you want to style your dorm room just yet, this post is a great place to gather some dorm room inspiration!

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Here are 23 Aesthetic AF Dorm Room Ideas You Can Copy:

1. This beautiful lofted look:

Lofting your bed is a great way to make space in a tiny dorm room. You can simply move your cabinets, mini fridge, and laundry underneath your bed–and enjoy all that space you’ve just freed up!

get this look:

2. This elegant design:

Keep your color palette light, add a few golden touches, and throw an old sheet under your mattress to hide the monsters under the bed!

get this look:

3. This dreamer’s cove:

Unlike this room, your walls probably won’t be pre-painted such a cute color, but no worries there! One of the biggest things when it comes to college dorm room decor is making do with what you can control. If you’re trying to re-create this dorm room, there’s so much you can still do to make your own dreamer’s cove.

get this look:

4. This flowery room:

Keeping it simple can go a long way–as you can see here! This boho-inspired dorm room lets the tapestry and wall decor do the talking.

get this look:

5. This rose-gold color scheme:

The two main colors of this room are gold and pink–and look how cute it is! Focusing on a color scheme is a great way to keep your room cohesive. White (and lighter colors) helps create a dreamy effect.

get this look:

6. This wall decor that you can always customize!

It’s a HUGE bulletin board, yup! But by using a bulletin board, you can change up your wall decor as many times as you’d like! Gone are the days of command hooks and tape–simply tack photos up and switch them out as often as you want to!

get this look:

7. This celestial look:

This room doesn’t have a color scheme, but between the Harry Potter posters, the vintage maps, and the clear sheet hanging from the ceiling, you’ve got the cutest celestial space.

get this look:

8. This mid-century modern dorm:

Black and white can take you a long way if you can’t decide on one color. It’s simple and modern, and you can’t go wrong with it! Add polaroids, a map, and a record player (that doubles as a Bluetooth speaker!) for that mid-century modern touch.

get this look:

9. This cozy bed and hammock:

get this look:

10. This incredible design:

A futon under a lofted bed is a great idea if you plan on hosting some high school friends while you’re in college! Even if you’re not, a couch is super nice for movie nights or just hanging out! It creates more seating space (that isn’t your desk chair or bed). In my experience, my friends and I always hung out in the room with a couch!

get this look:

11. This room that’s got everything:

This room has EVERYTHING. If this were my dorm room, I would never leave! This if definitely the room where everyone hangs out. By lofting your bed, you’ll be able to separate your sleeping space from the “hangout area.”

get this look:

12. This semi-industrial dorm room:

I mentioned using white earlier to create a dreamy, floating vibe in your room. Well, black does the exact opposite of that! It will really ground your room. It’s a great color to add to any palette, and will help create a more industrial look to your dorm room decor.

get this look:

13. This cozy cuddle space:

This bed is lofted, but not so high that it’ll be a hassle to get in and out. It’s the perfect middle ground! Simply go for a floor sofa (still super comfy!) and add a plush rug for the look.

get this look:

14. This happy yellow space:

Four years ago, yellow wouldn’t have been my go-to color, but after my sister painted her bedroom walls a faint yellow, it’s a color I’ve come to love! I always feel so bright and happy when I see this color.

get this look:

15. This simple, yet stunning room:

The black bed set gives this dorm room a grounded look, and you’ve got a beautiful tropical leaf tapestry to bring the space alive. The decor is pretty simple to put together, and you end up with a beautiful, non-cluttered dorm room!

get this look:

16. This classic twinning look:

Depending on whether or not your roommate and you want to match, this is a look that can really pull a dorm room together. But don’t fret if you’d prefer to keep your own side unique! Your room can still look great! From my college experience, I didn’t find anyone who created a matching room, but all of our rooms still looked super cute!

17. This sweet under-bed space:

Now THIS is some sweet stuff. It’s practically a full-blown kitchen (almost, as far as dorm cooking goes) right in your room. Double check with your school to see if microwaves are allowed! But a simple bookshelf can turn into a little coffee bar that you and company can enjoy!

get this look:

18. This cozy little area:

This boho dorm room is super cute, but also super easy to copy! The colors and designs are simple, so you can definitely create this cute little space and make it your own. Some notes to take from this include: textured pillows, the golden moon hanging, LED neon lights, and square photos!

Hint: Adding lights to your room is a super-easy way to make it cozy once the sun sets(:

get this look:

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19. This dreamy zone:

This is probably another space I would never leave. It’s light and dreamy, and has plenty of seating space for friends who are dropping by! When it comes to dorm room ideas, this is a winner for aesthetics!

get this look:

20. This perfect study corner:

Another great use of space! You’ve got your sleeping area, studying corner, and reading nook all here!

get this look:

21. Yet another cute lofted look:

Adding wallpaper is a super great dorm room idea to section off your small dorm room! It creates an area separate from the rest of your room–just look at the effect here!

from this look:

22. This soft pink-grey zone:

Pink and grey are a classic color palette that you can never go wrong with. It’s soft and simple, without creating an over-cluttered look. I have a basic form of this color palette in my current apartment bathroom!

inspired by this look:

23. This Netflixing Corner:

It can be hard to find a comfortable Netflix-ing spot when you’ve got such a small dorm room, but this room has got it right! By arranging your beds in an L-shape, you’ll be sure that both you and your roommate both have great views of the TV!

get this look:

I hope you’ve found this list of 23 cute dorm room ideas to be inspiring or helpful as you go about your dorm room shopping!

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