9 Nautical Dorm Room Ideas To Copy For 2020

This post is about 9 nautical dorm room ideas to copy for 2020.

Welcome to another installation of my Dorm Room Theme series! Presenting: Ocean/Beach/Nautical Dorm Rooms!

Sailor at heart? Lover of the sea? Always a beach girl? I’ve got you. These ocean dorm room ideas are for perfect for inspiration.

These ocean-inspired dorm rooms are insanely cute, and will get you on your way to making your own little space in college.

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9 Ocean/Nautical Dorm Rooms To Copy for 2020

1. This Ocean Tapestry

copy this look here:

I love tapestries. I think they bring a lot of character into a room, and change up the boring dorm walls. Hang it over your bed or by your bed–anything works! It’s a great way to say, “Hey, this is my space.”

When it comes to ocean blue, the color helps calm your mind, too.

2. Or This One:

copy this look:

Hokusai’s masterpiece is a personal favorite of mine. In a tapestry, you get to enjoy it at a full size. This unique idea will make both your ocean-loving and artist side very happy(:

3. Navy Blue Bedsheets

copy this look:

Your bed is usually the centerpiece of your dorm room. A typical theme in ocean dorm rooms is a simple, blue and white bed set.

I also love a nice, soft throw for any dorm room. It’s great to cuddle in, and super convenient to have!

4. Fishnet Decor

copy this look:

Nothing like fishnet decor to complete your nautical, ocean dorm room. They’re great for clipping on photos and polaroids, too. I say this a lot, but it also adds interesting texture without creating unnecessary clutter.

This is a unique idea that I haven’t seen in any dorm rooms, yet!

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5. This Starry Night Sky

copy this look:

Fairy lights are amazing because they make your room look BEAUTIFUL even when it’s nighttime. Just imagine laying back on your comfy bed, and taking a look at all the lights floating above you.

Sheer curtains (check to see if they’re allowed at your campus!) are a great way to diffuse the lights! Tilt your head back and enjoy the beautiful, whimsical “night sky” above you.

6. Or Star Fairy Lights

copy this look:

If you’re looking to up your fairy light game, then these star fairy lights are perfect for you. You can even do both–after all, not all stars in the sky are the same size.

7. This Amazing Map

copy this look:

If you’ve got that wanderlust itch, then a world map could be a great idea! You can do either a tapestry or a poster. This dorm room’s got it all–and a tapestry on the ceiling!

I personally had a vintage map poster for my dorm room, and I absolutely loved it!

8. These Simple Wall Prints

copy this look:

Simple wall prints are a great way to add character to your dorm without breaking your wallet. These prints will help complete your ocean dorm room with a dash of hipster, vintage beach vibes. They’re a great way to create a cute wall collage!

9. Good Vibes Only

copy this look:

College can be tough. It’s nice to have a “good vibes only” reminder at the end of the day. There’s also nothing quite as “surfer” as this! Neon lights are insanely cute, but they can be quite pricey. If you’re not looking to spend that much on a neon light, there are many other options to get those good vibes in.

I hope you’ve found these 9 cute ocean dorm room ideas helpful. Good luck!

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