9 Inexpensive Self-Care Ideas for College Students

Self-care is an important way to take a break from the busy pace of college and focus on yourself and your needs. It comes in many forms and you don’t have to spend a ton of money to show yourself some love. This post is about a variety of self-care ideas for college students. You’ll find ideas involving alone time, as well as quality time with friends!

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Self care ideas for college students

9 Self-Care Ideas For College Students:

1. Potluck & Movie Night

Get comfort food (whatever suits your taste!) with your friends. A potluck is a smart way to split the cost on a variety of yummy snacks! Now, just sit back and relax, while watching a hilarious rom-com or a creepy horror movie! It’s a great way to enjoy the presence of your friends while also diving into a good story!

2. Facial Night

Sometimes, I’m not at my 100 percent if I physically feel exhausted. Take this time to take care of yourself and try doing a facial mask! You can always make your own facials with plain Greek yogurt, or this famous Aztec clay powder from Amazon. It is super refreshing afterwards, and you’ll feel like yourself again once you relax.

3. Exercise

This is often overlooked. Many people think that performing self-care is a way to stuff yourself with your favorite ice cream (which is totally okay!). Exercising helps release dopamine and serotonin, which can help you feel happier and get the best sleep of your life!

It’s also a way to get you to know your body better. The first few trips to the gym can hurt, but it’s an amazing feeling once you feel yourself becoming stronger!

4. Enjoy a Long Shower

Take a long, hot shower and listen to your favorite music. Sometimes, dousing yourself with water after an exhausting day is all you need to feel better again. Things are always fast-paced in college, so take things slow and focus on feeling the water run over your skin. (Water bill’s not on you!)

5. Go for a Drive

If you brought a car to college, this could be a great idea for you. Sometimes, all you need is some music. Going out for a drive can help clear your mind of any bogginess you felt in your dorm room. It’s also a good way to get some uninterrupted alone-time.

6. Make a Wholesome Meal

Comfort food is the best food 😀 Make a nice meal whether it’s a full course meal or something small–and indulge yourself! If cooking is something you like, a simple meal that you spent time on for yourself is a great way to show love for yourself.

7. Journal

Writing down your thoughts and feelings in a journal is a great self-care method. You don’t need to spend any money (unless you want a fancy journal) for this either! Journaling can de-stress your mental state of mind and help you figure out who you are as an individual.

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8. Watch Your Favorite Show

Start a new TV show or continue one that you haven’t had time for in a while. Whether it’s The Bachelor or Haikyuu!!, sit back, relax, and watch Hinata and Kageyama fight about volleyball 🙂

9. Fold Origami Star Paper

Folding origami star paper is a great self-care method. It’s a nice way to draw attention away from reality because the focus is on folding stars instead! You can easily store them in a glass jar, and add it to your dorm room decor. It brings a little touch of celestial vibes to your room!

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I hope you’ve found these 9 low-budget self-care ideas helpful! Remember, you don’t need to spend money to treat yourself. Just be good to yourself and do what you love!

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