August 2020 Monthly Income Report

August 2020 has been a month of growth for this blog. July had been a long and rough one, and I’m glad I was able to recover! Because of this blog’s niche and the back-to-school frenzy (in the midst of a pandemic, which confuses me), I was able to see a lot of growth. Let’s dive into our August 2020 monthly income report!

Finding Balance

When it comes to balancing my full-time job, family time (yep, we’re still deep in quarantine), free time, and my blog, I believe this was the month of best balance. Admittedly, I did have a general lack of motivation a few times around, but I found that my blog no longer consumed me.

I gave myself time to work on my blog each morning and evening, but I was no longer on it 24/7. It allowed to explore my other hobbies, including drawing and sewing (a new quarantine hobby!).

I think the biggest secret to balance is to stop caring SO much. It’s important to care, but it’s more important to keep one thing from consuming all aspects of your life. In order to do that, prioritize and focus on what actually matters.

In July, I was obsessed with my dropping Pinterest impressions. In August, those impressions were still not the highest, but I grew my audience and sessions! That’s what is most important to me.

A Pinterest Update

Pinterest was the bane of the existence back in July. Since then, I’ve been taking things slow when it comes to worrying about my Pinterest stats. Looking at Google Analytics is a much better way to figure out how your Pins are working! The Pinterest analytics are off and change randomly (for me).

Right now, I’ve been pinning 4-6 new pins each day. Every week or so, I’ll go back and re-pin a few older pins to relevant boards. One of my older pins (from June/July) has been performing very well at 22.6k impressions.

August 2020 Goals

  • Publish on a schedule. I’m currently on a Mon/Wed/Fri schedule, but with work picking up, I’m not sure how sustainable this is. I’m going to try and keep up this schedule to hit on the back-to-college rush, but will likely slow it down to a Tues/Thurs schedule with higher-quality posts.
  • Have 3-4 posts in each category. As of now, I mostly need to build up my Travel category.
  • Reach 1000 sessions.
  • No goals in terms of income.
  • No goals for email subscribers, but I’d like to send out a newsletter each month.

August 2020 Stats

  • Schedule: I upheld my MWF schedule for the first few weeks, but I’ll admit that motivation died down and work picked up. With that, I’ve since switched to a Tues/Thurs schedule that I’m loving!
  • Have 3-4 posts in each category. Not there yet, but I have been able to add more to other categories! Travel is still lacking, since my travel posts have all gone under Study Abroad. My biggest and proudest category is College.
  • Reached 2,745 sessions this month!
  • Total Income: $27.08 [$3.75 (Google Adsense); $23.33 (Amazon Affiliates)]. Definitely not as much as most bloggers, but having numbers gets me excited for growth!
  • Sent out my first monthly newsletter! Definitely not the best email overall, but I’ll be working on that.

September 2020 Goals

  • Maintain my schedule. Post based on season and trends!
  • Have 3-4 posts in each category. I mostly need to build up my Travel category.
  • Reach 3000 sessions.
  • No goals in terms of income.
  • No goals for email subscribers, but I want to continue to do my monthly newsletters.

I’m excited to see what September brings. If you’d like updates on future monthly reports, subscribe to the monthly newsletter!

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