25 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas For College Students

Halloween is just around the corner and waiting to pounce. It’s the one day of the year to flaunt your creativity and pop culture knowledge. Here are 25 easy Halloween costume ideas for college students. They’re simple to put together, because it can be hard to find the time when you’re balancing all those classes and extra-curricula.

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25 College Halloween Costume Ideas Perfect For Any Party
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25 Easy Halloween Costumes For College Students

1. Red Solo Cups

This is a look that’s guaranteed to get a few laughs and compliments! It’s super easy to put together, and everyone will know what you are! DIY this Halloween costumer with a red shirt, paper, and some ping pong balls! You will likely have almost all these items nearby already.

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2. Good Lookin’ Skeletons

This is one of those simple looks that’s both sexy and classic. You’ll be able to re-wear that black one-piece and stockings for future parties or concerts, too! The sternum detail is pretty easy to sketch and cut out from paper.

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3. Adorable Clown

All you really need for this college Halloween costume is a simple top and a nice, clown-looking skirt. After that, you’re pretty much free to do whatever you want for makeup and hair! Super simple and easy!

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4. Sandy From Grease

Grease is iconic. You can’t go wrong with this classic look. It’s simple to put together (leather jacket, black cropped top, and leather leggings), and you can re-wear pretty much anything from this Halloween costume idea!

5. The College Fave: Bagged Wine

Going to a Halloween costume party dressed up as a favorite college drink is one of the easiest ways to start conversations and get a good laugh! Bonus–you can make it as sexy or conservative as you’d like! The plastic skirt can easily be cut from a clear shower curtain!

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6. White Claw

Another great college drinks look that you can do with your friends! It’s simple and you’ll be able to re-purpose the clothing for other parties in the future!

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7. Money Heist/La Casa De Papel

Hit up your inner rebel if this is the look you’re trying to go for. It’s mask friendly as well! La Casa De Papel is one of the most popular shows on Netflix, and I highly recommend you check it out if you haven’t already. Luckily, you can recreate the look of The Professor’s squad without getting a full-blown jumpsuit. A simple red hoodie will do the trick (and it’s much more re-wearable!).

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8. The Purge Squad

Honestly, this light-up stitched face mask will take ANY Halloween costume to the next level. Imagine struttin’ through a college party with this mask on you. It’s just SO cool! You can be whatever you want to be with it.

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9. The Better Jocks

Inspired by these Victoria’s Secret angels dressed up as really good-looking jocks. Why not try this yourself? Borrow a friend’s uniform and pair it with a cute pair of white skinny jeans!

10. Boxers

This is a great costume to rock if you’re going for strong and sexy! If you already box, simply take your own gloves! It’s fairly easy to put together–a cute robe, gym outfit, and boxing gloves.

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11. Netflix & Chill

This is a super cute and easy costume idea! You can take whatever sweater or shirt that you already have, and simply cut out letters spelling, “Netflix and Chill” from paper!

12. Riverdale Vixens

This is yet another iconic Halloween costume idea from pop culture! Riverdale and its crazy storyline has tons of followers. Why not try stepping into the shoes of a Riverdale Vixen for a night? It’s a super simple look that you can take apart and wear again after Halloween!

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13. A Tequila Shot

This is a fun group costume idea that you can easily make with paper, markers, and cardboard! You’ll pretty much just need salt, lime, and tequila, of course! For more spice, color-coordinate your clothes, too!

14. Stranger Things–Steve and Robin

If you’re a pop culture lover, you can’t leave Stranger Things out. Just look at these iconic sailor costumes!

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15. The Classic Pirates

You can’t go wrong with the classic pirate look. All you need is a puffy white top and some black bottoms, customized to your heart’s content! Add fishnet stockings and a red bandana for some added accessories!

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16. Lara Croft

When it comes to boss AF ladies, Lara Croft is your girl. Her look is pretty simple to pull off–braids, olive green tank top, and black shorts are the main points here! You can add garters for a bit of ~spice~. Go all out with that brown eyeshadow for a rugged, “I just climbed a cliff” look.

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17. Cute Aliens

You can pretty much take this costume anywhere. It works as a college Halloween costume, but it’s also such a cute rave or concert outfit! This look also photographs beautifully!

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18. Pot Brownies

A girl scout costume with a 420 twist. Need I say more?

19. Flo From Progressive

The fun thing about this Halloween costume idea is that you can do it with friends, or on your own! You really just need a blue headband, a Progressive apron, and an all-white ensemble. There are Flo costumes out there, but it’s much more affordable to get a simple white apron and DIY the Progressive logo onto it!

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20. Sunflowers

This look can really be anything–sunflowers, Coachella, whatever you want! It’s super cute alone or with friends! The easiest way to re-create this Halloween costume is to pin fake sunflowers onto a tulle skirt, then pair that with a cute top! You’ll probably have extra flowers that you can use for a cute headband!

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21. Hippies

This Halloween costume idea is SO cute! If you’ve already got a giant tie dye shirt, you can quickly DIY this. Even if you don’t, this will make a super fun project for your friends and you!

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22. SWAT member

This Halloween costume idea is super simple–you just need sunglasses and an all-black outfit. You can either DIY the “SWAT” letters, or you can get a costume if you want a more complete look (costumes can be more pricey!).

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23. The Tiger King Cast

The Tiger King cast look is super fun to recreate! You can pretty much throw together any outfit, as long as you have the big jacket, cowboy hat, and beard. Carry around a toy tiger to complete the look.

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24. Little Mermaids

This mermaid or ocean-inspired Halloween costume idea is super easy to copy! You just need to focus on deep blues and add some glitter and sea stars!

get this look:

25. Shark Attack

The great thing about this Halloween costume idea is that you’re later left with a super cute swimsuit! It’s simple, and all you’ll need to do is splatter some fake blood for that shark bite look.

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I hope you found this post on college Halloween costume ideas useful! There are so many ways to DIY amazing costumes at an affordable budget. Good luck!

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