July 2020 Blog Monthly Income Report

July 2020 has been a long month for this blog. It’s been a huge learning lesson when it comes to marketing, and where I hope to take this blog in the future. That said, let’s dive into July 2020’s blog monthly income report (yes! income)!

July 2020 Monthly Income Report - Milk Tea Theory

Dealing with failure

I’ll just say it–this month’s goals were not met. If you’ve read my first ever monthly report, you’ll know that I hit the ground running with my blog’s first month. It was glorious.

This month, not so much running was done. There was a lot of falling and tripping. Many skidded knees (an actual injury when I sprained my ankle), but all’s good! Without these rough patches, I wouldn’t have learned what I did.

Publicly posting my blog’s monthly income report is scary. If I’m going to be posting occasionally about Pinterest advice or blog advice, I want to back it up with successful numbers! This post will briefly discuss my goals, my failures, and where I’m going from here.

Balancing a blog with a full-time job

Last month, I spent ALL my free time on my blog. By all, I really do mean all. It was fun at first, but that led to burnout pretty fast. I didn’t have a posting schedule, and it was pretty random. Some weeks, I had a post published every day. Great for filling up a new blog, but definitely not sustainable.

Work has been picking up lately, and so I naturally don’t have as much free time to spend on my blog. It’s been nice though, being able to step away. I am actively trying to lower my screen time in quarantine, and so I HAVE to take nights off now. I’ll now dedicate a few hours a day (weekdays) to my blog, and hammer out a post or two on the weekends to be scheduled out.

Taking time off to read Harry Potter or watch Legend of Korra with my sister has been SO much better for my work-life balance.

July 2020 Monthly Goals

  • Publish 12 articles
  • Create Pinterest board covers, or at least have a cohesive theme
  • Reach 2000 sessions
  • Reach 300k monthly viewers on Pinterest
  • Currently, I have no goals in terms of income.
  • Not focused on growing my email list just yet.

July 2020 Stats

  • Published 15 articles
  • Created Pinterest board covers with a cohesive theme (follow me!)
  • Reached 650 sessions (that’s about 1.4k off, but that’s alright!)
  • Reached 120k monthly viewers on Pinterest (at the highest, I hit 180k)
  • Income: $1.56 (Amazon Affiliates) + $14.84 (Google Adsense; got lucky with clicks on a decent ad).

August 2020 Goals

  • Publish on a schedule. I’m currently on a Mon/Wed/Fri schedule, but with work picking up, I’m not sure how sustainable this is. I’m going to try and keep up this schedule to hit on the back-to-college rush, but will likely slow it down to a Tues/Thurs schedule with higher-quality posts.
  • Have 3-4 posts in each category. As of now, I mostly need to build up my Travel category.
  • Reach 1000 sessions.
  • No goals in terms of income.
  • No goals for email subscribers, but I’d like to send out a newsletter each month.

Here’s what happened:

Pinterest was where I got practically all of my blog traffic. This makes my blog unstable.

When I first started my Pinterest account, all my fresh pins were getting 5-10k impressions. I hit a sudden brake (or the Pinterest algorithm did) when I started getting email issues and all my fresh pins were getting 1-10 impressions TOTAL. I had the one or two pins (out of the entire month) that would hit 500-1k impressions, but every other one had less than 10 impressions.

I’ve joined a few Facebook groups for bloggers and Pinterest business users, and it’s been SO helpful. Apparently, many Pinterest accounts are getting flagged for spam (without notice) and it’s caused their impressions to go down like crazy. My blog traffic fell practically overnight, so I’m assuming my account experienced something similar. My Pinterest account got accidentally suspended for spam, but got cleared after half a day. I’m hoping this suspension and clearing wiped my account of any spam flags, so that my impressions will be able to rise once more! We’ll see.

Here’s what I plan to do:

Relying on a platform like Pinterest, which as got so many changing algorithms each year, is unstable. I’m going to learn more about SEO and see where that takes my blog. SEO takes a long time, and my new blog will take about 6-7 months before it shows up in Google search at all. However, in the long run, it’s going to be a lot more reliable than Pinterest.

As you can see, I pretty much missed all my quantitative goals. A bit of a bummer, but that’s alright! There’s still so much room for growth. I’m highly debating taking a blogging course on SEO, but right now I’m trying to stick with free resources and seeing where those take me. Blogging isn’t meant to be static–it’s dynamic. The world is always changing, and we have to learn how to grow with it! Stay tuned for my next blog monthly income report! (:

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  1. 8.11.20
    Sara said:

    I love that you are doing these! Monthly progress and income reports are so fun and make me feel much less alone on this blogging journey. Great job!

    • 8.11.20
      Sunny said:

      Hey Sara! I’m glad you found it somewhat helpful haha. It’s always a little scary to report a low month after a great month, but that’s how blogging goes I guess. I do love reading these from other bloggers too!