October 2020 Monthly Income Report

Yet another month has gone by. October has been the biggest month for my blog so far, but it’s also a month that’s really got me thinking about where I want to take my blog.

My traffic blew up this past month because of two Halloween posts that I added to my new category, Seasonal Loves. But with November beginning, I know that my Halloween posts will pretty much end here. That got me thinking about where I would like to take my blog next.


A New Direction

I still haven’t quite figured this out yet. My job has been picking up since I started my first rotation post-training, and I’m looking into taking a certificate course to grow my skills further. This is going to take up most of my free time, so I’ll have to figure out how my blog is going to fit into all of this.

Last month (if you read my last monthly blog report), I adopted a cat, Katsu. He’s doing wonderfully, and I considered creating a category dedicated to cats. Not sure how it’ll fit into this blog, so I might wait on that.

As you can see, there’s a lot I need to think about. I might re-brand some of the stuff on my blog and re-make some of my photos/images. We’ll see!

October 2020 Goals

  • Build a schedule. At least 4 posts (1x a week!).
  • I STILL need to build up my Travel category. I might try for a cat category! Travel also isn’t the biggest thing right now (pandemic!!), so it can wait.
  • Reach 10,000 sessions. One of my posts went viral with ~2,700 views. Not sure if I’ll be able to maintain this in this coming month.
  • Income: $40 total. I don’t really have any income goals EVER, but just going to try and throw this out here. Let’s see how it goes!

October 2020 Stats

  • Haven’t built a schedule, yet. Still working on that.
  • No cat category here, but I’m going to try and see if I’ll be able to fit that in somewhere.
  • Reached 38,000 sessions! It’s been an incredible month for my blog, all thanks to two Halloween posts.
  • Income: Total ($175.46). [Amazon Affiliates: $88.27 + Google Adsense: $87.19]

November 2020 Goals

  • Write 4 posts dedicated to the holiday season. I know that January and February tend to be slower months, so I’m going to try extra hard to capitalize on the holiday season.
  • Work on re-branding some things on the blog, including the home page and images.
  • Reach 10,000 sessions. I know that without my Halloween posts, my sessions are likely going to go down. Hopefully, my new posts will help me build on that.
  • Income: Total $100. I don’t ever really have an income goal, so just throwing out this whole number. We’ll see how it all goes!

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